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2022-2023 Season Final Harvest Total

9,277 Birds

21.4 Birds / Day / 4-man Blind

All Unguided Hunts


Sorry Full for the Upcoming 2023-2024 Season

Ducks Unlimited TV at Thunderbird Hunting Club

DU Film #1 – Aired 2019 (Episode #2 – DU Classic Videos)

DU Film #2 – Aired September 2021 (Sportsman’s Channel)

DU Film #3 – Upcoming 2023 (DU YouTube Channel)

Ducks Unlimited TV


A membership with Thunderbird entitles you to hunt all migratory birds, with ducks being our mainstay.


A membership with Thunderbird entitles you to free lodging and the use of the surrounding grounds.


The clubs primary focus is on duck hunting, but we also have other game to hunt including geese, dove, cranes, snipe, rails, and limited hog hunting.

The Thunderbird Difference

Since 1986, Thunderbird has provided exclusive waterfowl hunting to a private “Member Only” club with equal unbiased draw system, real controlled hunting pressure in uncrowded conditions, and some of the best duck habitat along the Texas Gulf Coast and the nation. Our duck hunting is unequalled, backed with unprecedented harvest numbers, day after day, season after season.

An encumbered encounter between waterfowl and the waterfowler – pristine habitat, cupped wings, full straps, campfire yarn, and endless memories for close to four decades…waterfowl hunting the way it is supposed to be.


  • "It's ginormous!" Screamed Ava Jane after landing a 32-inch redfish at the club's private marsh. "I'm going to write an essay for school, How to Catch a Ginormous Redfish."

    Ava Jane Lewis Member's 9-Year Old Daughter
  • Thunderbird Hunting Club offers the serious waterfowl hunter, whether a highly experienced hunter or someone just developing a passion for waterfowl hunting, the opportunity to hunt waterfowl along the Texas Gulf Coast under near perfect conditions. That does not mean you will be guaranteed limits of ducks or geese on every hunt but it does mean you will have the opportunity on every hunt to hunt with hunters who love the outdoors and waterfowl hunting, to participate in the camaraderie associated with waterfowl hunting, of watching early on a “ducky”  type of morning a flock of newly arriving ducks responding to your call and decoying into your decoys, of watching the  lab sitting beside you shiver with excitement as he keeps a intense lookout for the next flock of ducks and  most importantly of knowing that every effort has been made to insure habitat conditions are the best they can be considering variations in weather from season to season so  that every hunter has a positive hunting experience.

    Jim Stephenson Former Member
  • Todd, I would like to send you guys a quick note about my first year experience at Thunderbird. I've been hunting in this area with other clubs for over a decade and nothing comes anywhere close your competence and understanding in delivering the complexities of consistent and great duck hunting. What you and others have built is truly remarkable. The other members and your two sons have been nothing but accommodating and willing to help us newbies at every turn. Here's to many more successful years and my sincere thanks for what you have built.

    Dr. Bryan Earle Current Member
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