2020-2021 New Club Record 7,990 Birds Harvested
74% Full Duck Limits - First Split
7,026 birds - 2019-2020 Season
Enjoy with friends and family, make new acquaintances.
Ducks Unlimited TV @ Thunderbird - 2019 and 2021 Seasons
https://www.ducks.org/media/du-tv/video - Episode #2
Getting it "Right" for 34-years
5.2 Birds/Gun/Day Average 2017-2018 Season
Central Flyway & Coastal Texas Migration Reports
Weekly scouting reports puts you on the birds
Free Lodging
Enjoy the camaraderie of the hunt
77% Full Duck Limits
21.6 Birds/4-man Blind/Day First Split 2019
Fair / Unbiased Draw System for Duck Blinds
Everyone Wins / One Group per Pond
No Conflicting Activities - Efforts 1000% Club Oriented
No Competition With Guided Hunts

Welcome to the Thunderbird Hunting Club

Texas Duck Hunting

“An encumbered encounter between waterfowl and the waterfowler – pristine habitat, cupped wings, full straps, campfire yarn, and endless memories for over three decades…waterfowl hunting the way it is supposed to be.”


A membership with Thunderbird entitles you to hunt all migratory birds, with ducks being our mainstay.


A membership with Thunderbird entitles you to free lodging and the use of the surrounding grounds.


The clubs primary focus is on duck hunting, but we also have other game to hunt including geese, dove, cranes, snipe, rails, and limited hog hunting.

The Thunderbird Difference

Since 1986, Thunderbird has provided exclusive waterfowl hunting to a private “Member Only” club with no outside conflicts such as guided hunts, heavy hunters, too many guests, or over-hunting.


  • THC is a community of sportsmen committed to outstanding waterfowl hunting, hard work, and great fun. Everyone pulls their weight to get the work done, as well as invest in the sport by welcoming youngsters and those new to hunting to the great outdoors and the fellowship of those who love nature and a full strap at the end of the morning. THC is an amazing place for boys to grow into men while experiencing the best that waterfowl hunting has to offer.

    Josh Grizzle Former Member
  • At Thunderbird Hunting club, great waterfowl hunting is only a portion of what this club has to offer. Yes, at Thunderbird hunting club you experience some of the best waterfowl hunting along the Texas gulf coast, but you also hunting with and next to a great group of people dedicated to hunting the right way. The proprietors of Thunderbird along with the membership are committed to providing a good safe hunting experience for ALL of the members and structures the club accordingly.  Being a member on Thunderbird is being like part of a community or family. Everyone willing to help each other when needed.   The membership of Thunderbird helps keep the club strong, however the administration and management of the club is like no other.  From detailed maps of each property to detailed weekly reports during the season to weekly scouting reports of each property, Thunderbird keeps all members equipped with all the tools to have a great outdoor experience.  Whether I am  teaching my children how to hunt, entertaining customers or hunting with buddies, Thunderbird hunting provides me with yearly memories that will last forever.

    Mike Bubrig Former Member
  • What makes THC unique is the environment.  Best waterfowl habitat in Texas combined with most supportive and welcoming membership enabled me as a new member to learn and understand how to work together with others for spectacular limit hunts!

    Craig Jones First-season Member
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