The Vision

In 1986 we started Thunderbird for the specific purpose of providing exclusive waterfowl hunting to a private “Member Only” club with no outside conflicts such as guided hunts, heavy hunters, too many guests, or over-hunting. A lot has changed in the past almost four decades since we began Thunderbird, but the focus and mission has never wavered, make the Best Habitat we can for waterfowl and provide the Best Hunting we can for our membership, doing such is not “Rocket Science” it is much more difficult! What Thunderbird creates is of such significance that Ducks Unlimited TV has visited us not just once, but twice (2019 & 2021) to do film episode shows about the club. This coming fall (2023) we are extremely honored that a third show will air on the Ducks Unlimited YouTube Channel!

At Thunderbird we are passionate about YOU shooting ducks and having the best possible experience every time you come to hunt.  Every member is treated equal, even among the managers and owners, also, there are no guides taking the best spots at the club. We play no favorites in the selection of hunting locations-numbers are draw the day before every hunt to determine who chooses their pond first. And because we have an abundance of “best spots” with numerous leftovers, everyone wins, competition for the best location is replaced with members helping one another succeed, especially the new members – something we pride ourselves on.

But Thunderbird is more than just a place to hunt, we have heard this time after time, “This is a very special place.” The club harkens nostalgia; a time when clubs provided camaraderie, lodges escalated the excitement of the hunt, gunning pressure was light, waterfowl were numerous, and limits were commonplace.

You will experience this and more at Thunderbird Hunting Club!


Duck Harvest
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