The Fishing

Marsh fishing at our coastal properties is nothing short of world-class at times, especially from late summer into fall with equinox tides pushing huge volumes of clear water, baitfish, and pursuing game fish of many species. Our private marsh system is fed by two large culverts that funnel fish into what the local Game Wardens describe as “the best little fishing hole on the coast.”

Limits on redfish are more common than not during the fall, sometimes some shear brutes show up weighing 20 to 30-pounds. Hit it right and you will “cry uncle” from catching so many redfish. Trout come and go with the tides, but clear strong waters are almost a guarantee you will hook a number of nice specks. Every season we catch trout exceeding 24-inches. Flounder fishing is at times equally good with limits of large slabs produced every year, sometimes in the spring, sometimes in the fall. You just never know when a large run of flounder will appear. Other fish caught include, black drum (some up to 50-lbs), sheepshead, gulf trout, whiting, and croaker. “Soak” a few crab pots during the summer or early fall and you will be rewarded with a bushel of big blue crabs for the pot.

Own a kayak? The marshes are great places to explore and fish the skinny waters for tailing redfish. Bird life abounds including wood storks, roseate spoonbills, reddish egrets, black skimmers, brown pelicans, and secretive rails to name a few.


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